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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Internet Archive offers tons of free downloadable music

Good afternoon,

I’m back with another music post. This one isn’t like Napster that lets you stream files for free or sells you the downloadable music. This one is a free site that is a virtual warehouse of live music by hundreds of artists, some of whom I recognize and many that I’ve never heard of before. If nothing else, look over the list of artists whose files are offered for the sheer entertainment of the creative names some of these bands have created.

The site is called the
Internet Archive,
Whose goal is to offer a dynamic archive of the internet. They must have boatloads of money to shell out for storage, because just the music files listed will take up tons of memory on a hard disc. Added to these files are the other internet files the project is ambitiously attempting to archive.

(Note: If you tried the link above and it opened on a page that did not contain the list of more than 500 bands, then do a right mouse click on the link above and select “copy shortcut”. This will copy the URL to your computer clipboard. Then go to your web browser and select “Open” then paste the URL into the field. One trick here is to make sure to delete the last “/” from the field. This should take you there. I don’t know why the other one is not working properly.)

The music files are all concert clips. You can get an entire concert in a single zip file, or from the artists I’ve looked at, just individual song clips. There are some nationally recognized bands that have huge fan bases, like the Greatful Dead, Little Feat, and Blues Traveler. There are some artists I know from Texas, like the Asylum Street Spankers, Bad Livers, and Charlie Sexton, all from Austin as well as Houston’s own Hays Carl and Sean Reefer and the Resin Valley Boys. There seems to be a heavy dose of bluegrass bands represented, most notably Big Smith.

Take some time --because that’s what it will take-- to just read over the list of artists on the site. If you see somebody you like, see what’s available and download it.

The site purports to be a legal, free repository. Maybe the legality of the files have to do with the fact that these are live recordings at public venues. I don’t know, but see what you think.



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