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Friday, October 27, 2006

A Freaky Friday post

Good morning,

In addition to personal notes, I also like to post information on OGV about strange things I read in the news. Just to let you know, I read three newspapers almost every morning and bookmark those news articles that stand out as quirky, interesting, or just downright weird. Additionally, I read a collection of blogs regularly, doing the same things there.

With this technique in mind, I present to you today’s strange and weird news…

Imagine if you will, a bird. This bird is not your typical sparrow, crow, turky or chicken. Nope. He’s not even in the same category as the larger birds we know like eagles, hawks, or vultures.

This bird was more in line with the ostrich or other large, flightless birds. It was a running bird.
This bird stood about ten feet tall.
Yes, that’s right, ten feet tall. And, you’re right…I did use the past tense in that earlier sentence. I said “was.”

This bird is extinct, but a bird that tall that could run. Wow! And, top that off with what its typical prey was—a sheep-sized rodent.


I think today’s rats are huge and disgusting. Can you imagine a rodent whose size is larger than most dogs? I’ve read that rats have been known to nibble on sleeping humans. I’d hate to think what kind of bite this dude would put on some poor, sleeping schlub.

With all the turmoil in the world today, the crime and corruption, and the threat of some idiot getting his hands on a nuclear weapon, I’ll still take today’s crazy world over the potential of being eaten by some huge, hook-billed feathered freak or, even worse, by its prey!

Have a nice weekend!



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