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Monday, August 28, 2006

What is $160,000 worth?

Good morning,

Nearly every city in America has subsidized housing based on income levels and usually the levels to get into those housing units are fairly low. This is a government program that works well and doesn’t really get too many second looks.

Have you heard about the subsidized housing project being discussed where the family earning income level is
a mere $160,000?
That is not a typo. $160,000 is the earning limit for a family to qualify for getting into the proposed housing project being discussed by the city council in Santa Barbara, California.

Whoa! If the Mrs. and I took in that much cash, I’d be more than happy. Then again, I’m saying that living in the Lone Star State, not Calii-forn-I-a. Out there, what I consider riches, is only welfare status.

It just goes to show that so much in life really does depend on perspective.


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