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Monday, August 14, 2006

School days once again

Good morning,

Its that time of year again that is familiar to all parents and drivers—back to school time. So it was this morning around OGV house. At least it was for Austin. The Mrs. is still off work for more than another week as she is still recuperating from her surgery.

Getting up at 7 is something that Austin didn’t take to very willingly. I’ve always known him to be a little grumpy if awakened too early, and this morning was no exception. He grumbled a bit while I got him dressed. I don’t know if that was because he didn’t want to be awake or if I was interuppting his viewing of the Disney Channel.

Boy, I’ve got to get down a routine for this school year. Last year, he went to school just before noon, so he could sleep in until he awoke on his own, which wasn’t that difficult for me to schedule. I knew what time I had to have him up by so he could get bathed and dressed, then eat lunch before heading down to catch the bus. With the bus coming so late and him being gone until about 3:30, that left my afternoons free for lunch with friends. No more!

Now, I’ve got to figure a whole new routine so he can catch the bus just after 7:30. Mrs. OGV leaves shortly after 7, so she might be a little help getting him stirring, but the final heading out of the door thing is all on me after she goes back to work next week. I got up at 6 this morning and this gave me time to feed Boise, take him out, and have one cup of coffee while reading the news on-line. Then, when the clock showed seven bells, I went to begin the new routine. This seems like a good and workable schedule for now, but it will take practice and repetition to fine tune.

The bus ran more than 10 minutes late. The driver said that traffic was heavy. Traffic is beyond his control, so I guess I shouldn’t begrudge him that. There were a few other kids already on board, so I know he has some pick ups before getting Austin. I suppose the driver will need to work the bugs out of his schedule just as we will here.

The final result this morning, was that no matter how much he disliked getting up early, the little prince was smiling when the bus pulled up. He loves school and I hope he always does.

And, after the bus took off, I got to go back inside and have that second cup of coffee.

Ahhh. Life is good.


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