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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Run for the border or just act like it

For the sake of discussion, let me ask you a question. Would you like to go to a
theme park
where, for only $15, you get the chance to spend hours following masked men acting as your guide while you are traversing through hot desert sands, across the big river, crawling through thorny underbrush, get tossed around in the back of a truck traveling over rocky terrain at 50 mph, just to understand what illegal immigrants to the US experience? How about if they added in simulated gunfire and US border agents coming in over a loudspeaker telling you to go home and not cross the border, would you want to do this and spend your own hard-earned denero doing it?

Check out that link. You’ll see that I’m not yanking your chain. It already exists.

I might be crazy, but my need to empathize with the plight of illegals doesn’t extend that far. I don’t need to go through their experience to know it is harsh and one that I don’t want to undertake myself…much less pay $15 to do it!
The whole concept of this theme park makes me raise two questions.
1. Does this park glamorize the act of illegal border crossing at risk of personal injury or, even worse, death?
2. Does this have the potential to prove as a training ground for those who plan to make their own in the future?

Okay, here’s the real kicker. The park receives some of its funding from the Mexican federal government. Way to go, Mehico!


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