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Monday, August 18, 2008

Looking for my half sister

I’ve been on a search for a half sister for the past several months and the returns have been pretty fruitless to this point. So, I turn to the power of the internet in hopes of locating her.

Her name at the time of her birth was Deborah, or perhaps Debra Jones, born in late 1958 or early 1959. I believe that she was born in Leesville, Louisiana, but this might have also been on Fort Polk or elsewhere in Vernon Parish. Her mother’s name was Marie Jones.

She has a sister, perhaps half-sister, named Shirley, whose last name may or not be Jones.

The father’s name on Deborah’s birth certificate most likely is that of Marie’s husband, who was not around during the time Marie became pregnant and whose name is unknown to me.
Marie Jones and my father Bobby Graham met in Leesville, Louisiana. Marie worked at The Barn, a bar owned by J.L. and Margo O’Bannion.

I’ve looked over the birth records in the Leesville Leader from July 1958 to April 1959. The earlier date was the last time my father saw Marie, when he shipped out overseas with the U.S. Army. She was noticeably pregnant at that time, which is the reason I looked over birth records that far into 1959. There were no listings in the Leesville Leader showing that Marie Jones gave birth during that time. I don’t know what else to do, so I am posting here so that maybe the search engines pick this up and the right person reads it.

I would like to make contact with my half-sister, or find out where she is today. Anybody who can help in this matter can email me at
(Explanation: I live in Houston and psycho in that address references my field of study-- psychology. I'm not a psycho!)

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