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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Texas governor's son hired by firm dad consulted

I usually don’t do politics on OGV, but when something isn’t smelling too good, I think it needs airing out.

So, let’s air some stuff out…

Governor Rick Perry, aka Governor Goodhair, of the great Lone Star State, is currently contemplating selling our state lottery. UBS, one of the large financial firms he has consulted about the sale,
hired Governor Perry’s son
to work in its Dallas office two weeks ago.

Hmmm, do you smell that? Stinks doesn’t it?

Governor Perry and UBS can say all they want about there being no connection between these two actions, but it just doesn’t pass the smell test. I also find flaw in the governor’s son Griffin for poor taste in seeking employment with a firm that has a lot of business potentially in front of his father.

While there may not have been any impropriety done on anybody’s part, it just doesn’t look right.

So, let’s have a sensory review of this whole thing.

Smell. The odor of this deal is stinking up the joint.

Taste. The governor’s son has none.

Visual. This whole deal doesn’t look right.

Touch. Borrowing from randy Jackson of American Idol…I’m just not feeling it, dog!
Feel free to add your own thoughts on this.




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